SilverFinish Games Preview
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Welcome to the website!
Best known for OutHack and Bit Warfare, I am a game developer and programmer bringing uncompromised and free entertainment to everyone.
Mods Page
There is now a new page containing all of my work on mods, mainly for Grand Theft Auto V at the moment.
Website Redesign
The website is currently undergoing a few changes and might see additional pages and content. You can always get the latest information on the official SilverFinish Discord server!
HTML5 Ports are now live on this website!
With Flash discontinued as of December 2020, it has become slightly harder to play Flash content with browsers and operating systems blocking it. However, you can now access HTML5 ports on this website! (You might come across a few issues but switching browsers will probably solve them).
Latest Release: Bit Warfare
Bit Warfare
Following the construction of an unstoppable prototype weapon, you attempt to eradicate it along with anything else that gets in your way.