Ped Status - Grand Theft Auto V
Ped Status
Displays ped health and armor bars, replicating the style of GTA V's UI. These can be shown as a summary of selected peds on the screen, and/or above their heads when targeted by the player.
Fail Cam - Grand Theft Auto V
Fail Cam
Adds a cinematic wasted/busted camera, with options for controlling the fail screen (timescale / duration) and first person.
Kill Cam - Grand Theft Auto V
Kill Cam
Adds a cinematic kill camera, similar to RDR2. It includes a ped camera, player camera, screen effects and sound effects.
Damage Effects - Grand Theft Auto V
Damage Effects
Displays configurable screen effects based on your health.
Leap - Grand Theft Auto V
Allows the player to leap forward with configurable boosts.