Finite Cops - Grand Theft Auto V
Finite Cops
Allows for hold outs against cops as a viable strategy to lose a wanted level. Each level has a set amount of cops to clear before further dispatches stop, indicated by the bar underneath the stars on the HUD. Clear all remaining cops to drop your wanted level.
Ped Status - Grand Theft Auto V
Ped Status
Displays ped health and armor bars, replicating the style of GTA V's UI. These can be shown as a summary of selected peds on the screen, and/or above their heads when targeted by the player.
Fail Cam - Grand Theft Auto V
Fail Cam
Adds a cinematic wasted/busted camera, with options for controlling the fail screen (timescale / duration) and first person.
Kill Cam - Grand Theft Auto V
Kill Cam
Adds a cinematic kill camera, similar to RDR2. It includes a ped camera, player camera, screen effects and sound effects.
Damage Effects - Grand Theft Auto V
Damage Effects
Displays configurable screen effects based on your health.
Leap - Grand Theft Auto V
Allows the player to leap forward with configurable boosts.